Neutralizing the effects of widespread cognitive distortions in public relations

Neutralizing the effects of widespread cognitive distortions in public relations Man is controlled solely by his own mind. And it is this mechanism that creates social environments and relationships between people. And only the one who correctly forms his own practical skills and correctly uses them in practice has a chance to preserve his own biological species.
Artificial living conditions and social environments are of natural origin.
Now on earth live those whose parents of different sexes have built relationships well or poorly so that they have a child. However, the parents did not fatally violate the laws of genetics. And there were people who gave enough practical skills to a new person to save his own life in terms of using modern technologies for him. But in a few generations only the descendants of those of modern people who themselves will cope with the same tasks that their ancestors coped with will live.
Animals also cope with such a difficult task of preserving the genus! But cats, horses and monkeys do not drive a tram, do not use an ATM, do not write computer programs, and do not even serve you a cup of coffee in a restaurant. Although the "Mowgli" may well live in a wolf den and catch mice.
If we are talking about saving not only life, but also technological achievements, then the banal statement arises: “In addition to one’s own life, a person needs to save the opportunity to successfully create and transform his own artificial living environment”.
Humans create an artificial habitat, even if it is a tribe of natives. People develop their skills and modify their habitat as much as they can. If this is not less than necessary for life and procreation, then you will meet these people and their descendants on our planet. Currently, only those whose ancestors have accomplished this task live on the planet.

So, locally retaining species affiliation, people can live long enough and conservatively. Locally used technologies create a vital distribution of roles in society, which is commonly called culture.

The contacts of localized autonomous cultures lead to communications, which ultimately boil down to the diffusion of technology. The technologies of one cultural group make the technologies of another cultural group useless. Technology exchange is always a two-way mutual process.
The communication process is associated with at least three aspects:
• technological - the very spread of technologists;
• cultural - a change in people's lives and social relations associated with the spread of technology;
• physiological - related to the formation of family ties.

However, the technological aspect of communication remains crucial, because it is technology that changes the environment.
Technology is changing values in society. The consequence of the migration of values is a change in social relations and a redistribution of roles. But ordinary members of society often don’t understand that “transferring from a donkey to the wheel of a car and replacing a shovel with an excavator” will have to abandon slave labor and slave relations, as they have no meaning.
And someone who does not understand this and does not abandon the "old habits" will enter into conflict with society and sooner or later either "ride a donkey", if such an opportunity still exists, or lose his legal capacity (legal capacity) due to dementia already acquired (or dementia).

Cognitive distortion also leads to Dementia
Studies of the relationship of acquired dementia with a bacterial origin, the effects of chemicals and physiological characteristics lead to certain results, but medicine is powerless if brain activity is inhibited by its own content - the content of our own cognitive activity - simply put to what we think ourselves, or rather, what specifically you think now.
In the event of a violation of mental activity, for example, by medication, we observe essentially the same consequences as those from the disorganization of consciousness with conflicting concepts.
Many who read these lines now, have ever experienced a sense of fear, insecurity, aggression, disruption of the musculoskeletal system, which were classified as awkward. You will stumble if someone distracts your attention and easily gets into a car accident while driving, if you are distracted by the ringing of your phone at the wrong time.

Congratulations, consider that you have "played dementia." Yes, most likely this is just a short game and your brain has returned your body to a controlled state, but are you sure that the situation will always be so easy?
Now imagine that you are getting used to these situations, consider their occurrence normal. It's like alcoholism, you don’t notice the lack of control over your body until you get injured or finally lose control of yourself. You do not notice deviations, because the system is violated through violations of its own control system.
It may be a little complicated, but the main thing is to understand how your body works in interaction with your brain, and you will forget about many problems. When you analyze and understand how your own perceptions work, you get an extra chance to maintain sanity.
The elementary mechanism of a kind of “confession” works when a person answers the question “what have I done wrong”?
Nobody tells you what to do, you can decide for yourself whether you are right or not, and not just forget about another past day.
And after some time, you will not have to ask yourself this question at the end of the day, because you will ask yourself this question before you do something or tell another person.
But the modern world will give you a surprise anyway.

With a passive attitude, you will gain dementia without acquiring it
In practice, a person, changing his own habitat, changes the habitat of his neighbor.
And the neighbor does not always even know about it. In the modern conditions of globalization, a person from another continent can change your life, and you will not know who this person is, and it will certainly not be a president, minister or military leader.
This will be an engineer engaged in practical activities.
The result of technology development is new products. And new products are changing people's lives. The activity that you have traditionally been involved in may suddenly turn out to be unclaimed and even harmful. And this will not be your fault, new knowledge is changing social relations and people's activities.
But you will not feel discomfort if you orient yourself in time.
To do this, you need to be aware of technological changes and not be afraid to consciously change your life, supplementing your knowledge with new ones, go and develop further.
You also have the opportunity to change the lives of other people around the world with your knowledge, if, of course, this is your knowledge, and not quickly learned new phrases heard from another.
Today, everyone has the opportunity to understand what science is and to have a correct idea of natural science knowledge.
This is not a wish, not a whim, and not a requirement, this is the feature that indicators of diagnosing a person’s mental health are approaching.

Cognitive Disorders Detected Through Behavior
The brain controls the actions of a person, and the successful functioning of the brain is controlled by the human brain itself, in terms of achieving the expected result.
We ourselves can control our brain, and we do this even if we do not notice or are not aware of this process.
Imagine that your action did not bring the expected result. What will you think and what will you do?
A person can attribute his failure to circumstances, but force majeure for an intelligent person is always an expected circumstance, and he knows where and what force majeure can occur.
Here is the first conclusion - a person who justifies the factual failure of his actions by force majeure circumstances, just like other invented reasons, for example, historical roots or the craft of supernatural forces - does not differ in sanity.
Self-justification does not bring a positive experience, and the next time a person makes the same mistake, with the same result.
We consider a person as a subject of public communications, so, we pay attention to key points that have practical application.
We reveal not only the event itself, but also the signs of the event.
The difference between the expected unsuccessful result and the self-justification of the unexpected result is made according to the declaration of intent, voiced before the action.
So, with a simple example, we can consider three levels of sanity:
1. A sane person will always voice his intentions and the expected results of his actions before acting;
2. 2. sane, but narrow-minded in his knowledge acknowledges his mistake and will receive an incentive to better study the circumstances in order to obtain the expected result subsequently;
3. 3. a person who is convinced of his cognitive disability will seek excuses for his innocence and his innocence to the unsuccessful result, or he will convince everyone that he sought exactly what happened.

Assessing a person’s behavior, you can determine his social perspectives and the meaning of communication with this person.
I draw your attention to the fact that the non-use of the cognitive capabilities of each person is unforgivable wastefulness.
Therefore, a person who has proved himself incapable and has resorted to the third concept of behavior not only requires control or restriction of access to socially important communications, but also retraining, in order to acquire cognitive social skills.
Such an event layout is valid for any kind of action, but not every action in itself can be attributed to reasonable behavior.
There are actions that never lead to a positive result, it is a result that a sane person will never strive for.

Desires incompatible with common sense are stupid and unreasonable desires
You are angry, envious, endowing another person or yourself with supernatural qualities, you are deceiving, it seems to you that the other is good, because he has something that you don’t have, and in general everything that you have is bad, that the other has good , including someone else’s husband or wife.
“I will give you everything that you ask, - God said to the inconsolable petitioner, but just remember, I will give two more to your neighbor! Ask for it»!
What do you think that a cunning Jew, a suffering and desiring wealth, asked his god for? Guessed? Overwhelmed by stupidity and anger, he shouted - "Poke one eye !!!".
You will also ask to poke your eye out if your wishes are stupid.
You yourself gouge out your eye, and not just one, but as much as you have, and not just the eye.
Yes, and why blind, deaf and dull eyes, he still will not see anything. A person sees not with his eyes, but with his brain.
Now we will return from everyday understanding to practice. Desires are always the result of cognitive activity, and even if we accurately determined the desires of another person, information about desire would hardly be useful unless you were a seducer.
A person should not give the order of charity for the fact that a person always wants to help, but never helps another.
We judge a person by his actions and deeds. In this context, words are also regarded as actions, but not separately from actions, but in the aggregate.
It should be noted that the modern way of communication is cooperation. Moreover, this is not exactly the cooperation, the conditions of which we are used to seeing in a standard contract.
Cooperation in a human-oriented society - an ego-polar society - this is an Offer, and an offer of each person. The subject of a human offer in an ego-polar society is constantly updated knowledge (a set of practical human skills).
In this relationship, the boss / subordinate lose their meaning when working in a team.
What is the difference? How to distinguish parasitism of one team member on another from teamwork? Isn't team work mutually parasitic? What is the difference between the symbiosis in the social structures of intelligent people from counter parasitism?
To answer this question, an understanding of modern work is necessary.
Modern human activity can be represented as an integral function, as a result of which a person creates his own logically complete component from logically finished components made by other people.

This is exactly what happens in a situation of cooperation. Parasitism occurs when one person performs a functional that is subsequently attributed to another person.
The situation associated with the substitution of the origin of information becomes less and less possible and more disclosed every year. Therefore, the soil of social parasitism is constantly narrowing, in connection with the development of security systems and new communication protocols.
Cooperation consists in the free use of the results of the work of one person, while social parasitizing consists in the attribution of authorship of the results of the work of one person - by another person. Moreover, this is not entirely plagiarism, it is a form of plagiarism that hides the real origin of information.
So we found out the main target action that is incompatible with modern social relations is the substitution of authorship.
But we are at the stage of building an egopolar relationship, therefore the substitution of authorship has a wider range of explicit forms of communication that are incompatible with the life of the person himself.
According to the achievements of volunteers, they judge the possibilities of public organizations in carrying out public missions.
However, employees of public organizations often have stupid plans for their own promotion, so when they get funding, they get rid of the initiators of the projects and build their own political career on the materials prepared by them.
There is nothing bad in striving for social status, but as a result of such “operations”, people who are unfit for their training, knowledge, or ethics of behavior adjoin the political “Olympus”.
As a result, we get numerous failures in politics. This is how extremist forces and movements are formed. And this is due to funding intended for positive social transformations. Exactly the same pattern is the destruction of commercial organizations and the creation of unsuitable products, including vital ones.
Sensible people are not so harmless from the perspective of people with intellectual disabilities. The fact is that each person in public communications evaluates their interlocutor on a scale of “their own merits”.
A person with a violation of cognitive functions, even if they are caused only by their own errors, evaluates the person with whom they communicate from the point of their own self-esteem. He is not able to understand the motivation and achievements of a sane person. He believes that he just read somewhere, accidentally and successfully said, etc. It seems to him that success is in successful plagiarism, and he himself must do the same.
Lack of social knowledge and experience gives a sad result. A person suffering from cognitive distortion creates a progressive, asocial element, whose fate is turned into the past, rich in slavery, totalitarianism, wars and extermination of peoples.
In the coming year, we may not yet have the opportunity of a detailed analysis of binary communications in order to stop every person who does not have a coherent consciousness and the necessary knowledge to perform the functions assigned to him in order to identify a substitution of authorship.
But we have enough opportunities to identify cognitive distortions of people and the lack of connected consciousness according to the models of social (or rather, asocial) behavior of people, which are:
• Lies
• Manipulation,
• Corruption,
• Bullying,
• Theft,
• Plagiarism.

All of these are mental disruptions that destroy democracy.
And if you cannot reason people in the organization, you need to change the organization, change the curators. But the most important thing is not just to change, but to teach a person that knowledge that he never had, or that he has lost. Never trust diplomas. An exam result is often valid only for the duration of the exam.

Organizational Support Migration Focuses on Common Sense
Public organizations of the most entry-level level are the main pillar of democracy. However, the difficulties of creating these organizations lead to the lack of an alternative, the aging of their governing bodies, the conservatism of their work, and the transfer of unacceptable personal ambitions to public relations.
The fluidity among the volunteers, due to the uncomfortable social situation or the inappropriate content of the events, should not result in the loss of the opportunity to participate in public work.
People need the opportunity to realize social desires through public organizations. If the need for social realization is not provided by democratic forces, active youth will find other ways of self-realization.
Organizations need to be created and controlled. But traditional methods of control through curators are borrowed from totalitarian systems and have long been outdated.
The curators not only contribute to the development of organizations, but also to the construction of the unspoken "vertical subordination", to concealing the shortcomings of public work.
To ensure access to the infrastructure, all the necessary training tools are required, as well as assistance in creating organizations, providing information support, improving the rules and standards for events, conducting statistical and control reports on events.
There should be more public organizations than funding can provide, the focus of activities should be more civilizational and cognitive.
s Democracy exists for the active part of the population no less than for pensioners, these are engineers, gamers and service workers. Everyone should give an opportunity to plant a tree and learn more about how his country is arranged.

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